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"A dynamic vocalist and songwriter, Carol Jean Cox is a versatille performer equally comfortable with country, rock, blues, or pop stylings. She has won songwriting competitions in Nashville and New York and performed her music all over the world." — Off the Record, Chico, CA

"A fresh new performer with exciting energy, a wide variety of music and a charming personality . . . a crowd pleaser" — Johnny Robinson Agency, Hollywood, CA

"Carol is not only an accomplished musician and vocalist but one who commands attention of the entire audience." — Telegram Tribune, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Sweet, sentimental and selling." — Australian Coast Daily, Queensland

"Carol's magnetism draws crowds! Whether it be folk, country, jazz or rock and roll, her performance is polished." — McConkey Artists Agency, Hollywood, CA

"Carol Jean is beyond a lounge act, a 21st century troubadour with a very professional album with award winning songs filling the grooves . . . a clever performer with a surplus of talent." — News & Review, Chico, CA

"There are very few musicians who can hold a stage by themselves. Carol Jean Cox is one of those few. Vibrant, strong-voiced and a fluid guitarist . . . one song after another delivered with flawless polish . . . no matter what the style she sounds good in it." — Talent International LTD.

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