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Upcoming 2019 Appearances
Carol is performing with Katie Baker, as the Chics in Black, unless stated otherwise.
Date Venue Time
August 10Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
August 24Tofanneli's6-9pm
September 14Lucchesi Winery (Carol solo)6-9pm
September 21Tofanelli's6-9pm
October 19Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
November 9Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
December 14Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
Previous Appearances
Date Venue Time
— 2018 —
July 29Tofanelli's11-2pm
August 3Tofanelli's6-9pm
August 10Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
August 18Cork 495-8pm
August 31Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
September 8Cork 495-8pm
October 19Cork 496-9pm
November 9Sierra Knolls Winery6-9pm
December 8Cork 495-8pm
— 2019 —
January 5Cork 495-8pm
Feburary 9Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
March 9Lucchesi Winery (Carol solo)6-9pm
April 13Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
May 11Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
June 1Tofanelli's (Carol solo)6-9pm
June 5Friar Tucks Restaurant6-9pm
June 8Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
June 22Tofanelli's6-9pm
June 30Tofanelli's (Carol solo)11am-2pm
July 13Lucchesi Winery6-9pm
July 20Tofanelli's6-9pm

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